It Couldn’t Just Happen: Knowing the Truth About God’s Awesome Creation

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This book is great for the middle school child or newly converted. I like how Lawrence O. Richards takes a subject that most Christians shy away from, religion and science, and presents the material in a way that produces a confidence in the young believer to reassure a Christian worldview.

Scattered throughout the book the reader finds explanations of how biblical truths help explain scientific facts. For example, the reader learns about the vastness of outer space and then is presented with Psalm 19, which tells of the heavens declaring the glory of God. In another area of the book, Richards gives a timeline with the assumed scientific sequence of events biologically and geologically speaking. Right beside this timeline he gives quotes from scientists that shed a light on the doubts of evolutionary history in their own words. Another neat area of the book can be found at the end of every chapter called “Just For Fun.” This is an area for the inner nerd or trivia buff within us all. It also provides a learning opportunity focused on the theme of the chapter.

 It Couldn't Just Happen


I thought this was a good book. I have middle school aged family and two children of my own that I feel like this book would be a great learning tool. Additionally, I think this book would help reinforce the much-needed Christian worldview.