This review is for Thomas Nelson and I was very excited to see this book and begin reading it. I am a father of two little girls, Abigail (3) and Amelia (1), and want to be the best dad I can be to them. I am always looking for ways to better as a person, husband, and father, so I was thrilled when the book arrived in my mailbox.

Greg Wright does a good job telling fathers of how they can better their relationship with their children. He tells how fathers should be the pursuer in establishing a relationship with their children just as they do with their wife. Wright mentions that pursuit takes effort and should evolve as your child grows from a child to an adult. He says a father’s job is to help keep his daughter grounded. Daddy Dates is a book that gives a father’s view of how to break away from passive parenting. Instead it shows Wright’s way of creating leverage in his relationship with his daughters by being real and getting to know them.

Daddy Dates

Wright gives a wonderful talk on rules and relationship as parenting models. He mentions that parenting with rules but no relationship leads to rebellion, and a model with relationship but no rules leads to destruction. However, Wright suggests that a parenting model with rules and relationship leads to connection. He gives a great illustration using a wet bar of soap. I won’t ruin it for you here, so get the book and glean.

One thing I would be interested in learning is the result of how this applies with his daughters after they have grown, married, and moved on. Overall this is a great book with wonderful illustrations and practical idea. Good job!