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David Morrow revised his 2005 version of this book and added lots of resources via his website ( for self or group study. I will tell you by being an active Christian man reading this book was a challenge. By being a leader in my local church’s ministry this book was even more of a convicting challenge to read. I love my books (just ask my wife), and find myself writing notes in them for future reference. While reading this one, I kept finding myself writing “Wow!”in the margins and having to attach my dropped-jaw back to my mouth.

Why Men Hate Going To Church

Murrow begins the book with a staggering litany of statistics that are are to make any reader that has a heart for souls cringe. Here he tells us about how real the problem is within Christianity and interaction with men. The middle of the book Murrow shares the heart of men and why they have this affinity towards church. A couple of my favorite are the chapters titled “Twelve Things Men Fear About Church” and “The Stars vs. the Scrubs”. Murrow ends the third part of the book with practical approaches to how churches can connect with men. The chapter titled “How Men Minister to Others” was particularly beneficial to me as a men’s ministry leader.

I’m not going to spoil anything from any of the different three parts of the book, but I would like to encourage you to read the book if you’re a pastor, men’s ministry leader, family member of a man disengaged from the body of Christ, or that man that is feeling a little out of place.