This is a review for Thomas Nelson and In approaching this book, I had heard many mixed reviews going into it. Some folks were saying it was not worth the read, was unbiblical, and painted men in a bad picture. That being said, I think the jury is still out in some areas and you could look beyond the critical reviews on masculinity and femininity to find some theme that could be beneficial to the Christian male (Oops! I meant man). What appears to be the premise of the book is that culture (and churches) has slowly emasculated men to the point John Eldredge has a hard time separating the two. It is a call to rebirth the male soul back to his masculine roots.

There are a few concepts I believe men can take from this book no matter your thoughts on the masculinity vs. femininity or the potential over usage of King David as the example of a man. (Tangent: I don’t think Eldredge’s goal is for people to assume you have to murder people for their wife and/or dance naked before the Lord to become a true man.)

Wild at Heart

First, every man longs for a battle to fight. Eldredge suggests instead of men taking a passive approach, men need to take charge and learn to fight for things he wants. Second, every man longs for an adventure to live. Eldredge is referring to this as man’s search for what he was always meant to be. Third, every man longs for a beauty to rescue. Eldredge is suggesting we men all have a deep desire for romance.

Overall, I think it’s worth the read and like anything people should remember that books are written from the author’s point of view.