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Throwback: Grandparents Day – 2015

This is something I spoke at my church for Grandparent’s Day in 2015. It is based upon a blog post I found in my research for the subject. 


Grandparents are a blessing. They are also the “little foxes” that like to spoil the “vine” of our children, too. It is humorous to watch grandparents. What was once a colossal “no-no” to us as their children is cute and adorable with their grandchildren.


My children’s grandparents hand out more money than I remember my parents ever doing. I can remember how hard it was as a child to get a quarter to buy some candy or a trinket toy from the front of a restaurant. But now, those same hands seem to rain dollar bills like the Sunday School Candy Rains of years past.

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This Again

I started writing online years ago. You would never know that by looking at my site now. However, I started writing online before Facebook when blogs were like really large updates. The old page had pictures and links to other websites I thought were cool at the time like the official election night results from the Missouri Secretary of State. It even had link to my “web log” where I shared thoughts.

Then I created a self-hosted blog with a custom domain; I had finally arrived! I gave up the website and went full blog mode. My blog took on a new look when a few years ago I began doing book reviews. That was fun for a while and I really enjoyed doing it but life gets busy and I don’t read as many books as I used to read.

I’m ready for something new now. I’m ready to write again. I may do some throwback posts to my writing days of yesteryear in between my new stuff. Not 100% yet what will end up on here. I do know I’m ready to write again.

This blog can be anything on my mind. I thought about making it strictly a blog about human resources and make this a brand, but that’s not the only thing there is when it comes to me. So, if you can endure the sporadic and random, let’s give this another try. You might see posts about family, business, religion, food, or even a little nonsensical meandering. Either way we go at this, at least we are going.


Ma’am, Are You Over Eighteen?

An interesting event of love took place on June 25, 1940. During the summer of 1940 two people, who were madly in love with each other, decided to get married at their county courthouse in Cleveland, Mississippi. He was the poor son of a farmer, and her father did not want them to marry. But as love would prevail the two were married 66 years ago.

In 1940, couples were not allowed to marry unless both individuals were eighteen years of age or older. If either one of the two were less than eighteen years of age, parental consent was required before the two could be married. These two love birds had a problem. She was seventeen and her birthday was the following day–June 26. Being so in love the two could not wait another second to be married.

In order to keep from lying when the couple arrived at the courthouse, the young lady did something rather clever. Knowing she would be asked whether or not she was over eighteen, she placed a piece of paper with the number “18” written on it in the bottom of her shoe. Standing over it, being asked if she were over eighteen, and answering it affirmatively was, technically, not a lie. So, the young couple was married on the day before her eighteenth birthday.

To this couple were born eight children and one hundred grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am proud to say that I am a result of this union. These two people were my grandparents–Frank and Effie Willett. Their fifth child is my mother–Jane Sue Fenimore.

This is one of the many stories I heard growing up in the Bootheel of Missouri. It was a story that brought me closer to my grandparents and brought a little bit of humor to our lives as a family. It makes me smile, so I thought I would share the story with you.

Coincidently, 65 years later in 2005, my wife and I were married on June 25.

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